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Published November 23, 2020

85+ Boy Names That Start With R (From Rugged to Regal) | LoveToKnow (1)

Boy names that start with R can provide you with great choices for your baby boy. You can consider rugged to regal names when browsing lists of potential baby names for your little guy.

What Are Boy Names That Start With R?

Some boy names that start with R have unique meanings. You may prefer an old-fashioned name or a name based on its meaning as the perfect choice for your baby boy.

  1. Rafael: God heals (Spanish)
  2. Ralph: Counsel, wolf (Norse), (Scottish)
  3. Ramsey: Wild garlic island (English)
  4. Ransom: Deliver, rescue (English)
  5. Raphael: He has healed (Hebrew)
  6. Ray: Regal, royal (English)
  7. Raylan: Wise counsel (French)
  8. Raymond: Counselor, protector (French)
  9. Reuben, Ruben: Behold, a son (Hebrew)
  10. Ricardo: Brave king, great leader (Portuguese), (Spanish)
  11. Ricky: Brave leader (English)
  12. Rico: Home ruler (Spanish)
  13. Rudra: Mightiest of mighty, terror, deity of storm/wind (Sanskrit)
  14. Rudy: Wolf (German)
  15. Russell: Red-haired, little red one (French)
  16. Rusty: Red-haired (English)
  17. Ryan: Illustrious, little king (English)
  18. Rylan, Rylen, Ryland: From rye land (English)
  19. Rylee: Brave, rye clearing (Irish)
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What Are Cool Baby Boy Names That Start With R?

If you want a cool name for a boy, you can find one with boy names that start with R. Some choices are tough sounding while others are downright royal!

  1. Raiden: God spirit (Japanese)
  2. Ramses: Son of Ra (Egyptian)
  3. Reagan: Sovereign king (Gaelic)
  4. Reece, Reese, Rhys: Passionate, ardent (Welsh)
  5. Reed, Reid: Nickname for ruddy complexed man (English)
  6. Reginald: Advisor, counselor, ruler (German)
  7. Reign: Rule, sovereign (English)
  8. Remi, Remy: Remedy, oarsman, nickname for Remigius (French), (Latin)
  9. Remington: Raven, settlement (English)
  10. Rex: King (Latin)
  11. Rhett: Advice (Dutch)
  12. Ridge: Lives on ridge (English)
  13. Riggs: Lives on ridge (Scottish)
  14. Riley: Valiant (Irish)
  15. Ringo: Ring, bell ringer (English)
  16. Rio: River (Spanish)
  17. River: Water flows to sea (English)
  18. Royal: King (French)
  19. Royce: Son of king (English)
  20. Rutger: Famous spearman (German)
  21. Ryker: Strong power, rich (Danish), (Dutch)
85+ Boy Names That Start With R (From Rugged to Regal) | LoveToKnow (2)

What Are the 10 Most Popular Baby Boy Names That Start With R?

You may want to choose a popular name for your baby boy. The 10 most popular choices for baby boy names that start with R offer you strong and special name choices.

  1. Ramon: Counsel protection (Spanish)
  2. Randall: Shield or rim wolf (Anglo-Saxon)
  3. Randy: Wolf (Netherlands)
  4. Raul: Wolf Counsel (Spanish)
  5. Ren: Lotus (Japanese)
  6. Rene: Reborn (French)
  7. Rich: Wealthy, powerful (French)
  8. Richard: Strong and brave leader (German)
  9. Rocky: Diminutive of Rocco, tough person (English)
  10. Ross: Promontory or headland, steed, horse (Gaelic), (German)

Unique R Names for Baby Boys

You might prefer a unique R name for your baby boy. You can be certain your little man has a special name that he can easily grow into.

  1. Rayden: God spirit (Japanese)
  2. Rey: Wise and courageous, King (French), (Spanish)
  3. Reyansh: Lord Vishnu, ray of light (Hindi)
  4. Riaan, Rian: Little king (Hindi)
  5. Rocco: Tough (Italian)
  6. Rockwell: From the rock well (English)
  7. Roman: Citizen of Roman Empire (Latin)
  8. Rome: Named by Romulus (Latin)
  9. Rowan: Rowan tree (English)
  10. Rowdy: Loud, boisterous, high spirited (English)
  11. Rowen: Red haired (Irish)
  12. Ruger: Famous spearman, complainer (English), (German)
  13. Ryatt: Rioter (English)
  14. Ryden: Horseman (English)
  15. Ryder: Rider of horses (English)
85+ Boy Names That Start With R (From Rugged to Regal) | LoveToKnow (3)

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Boy Names That Start With Ro

If you like the sound of Ro, then you may want to choose a boy's name that starts with Ro. There are wonderful boy names that provide you with quite a few choices.

  1. Roan: Red, little redhead (Gaelic)
  2. Robert: Bright, shining (German)
  3. Roberto: Bright fame (Italian)
  4. Robin: Fame bright (German)
  5. Roderick: Glory, ruler (German)
  6. Rodney: From island in swift river, Hroda's island (English), (Anglo-Saxon)
  7. Rodolfo: Rudolph, wolf (Spanish)
  8. Rodrigo: Famous ruler (German)
  9. Rogan: Red-headed (Gaelic)
  10. Rogelio: Variant for Roger (Spanish)
  11. Roger: Fame, honor, spear or lance (French), (German)
  12. Rohan: Red haired (Scottish)
  13. Roland: Fame of the land (English)
  14. Rolando: Famous through the land (Spanish)
  15. Romeo: From Rome (Latin)
  16. Ronald: Advice, decision, ruler (Norse)
  17. Ronaldo: Advice, ruler (Spanish)
  18. Ronan, Ronin: Little seal (Irish)
  19. Ronnie: Advice of ruler, power of gods (Norse)
  20. Rory: Red haired (Gaelic)
  21. Roy: King, red (French), (Scottish)

Great Baby Boy Names That Start With R

When you decide to search for boy names that start with R, you can be sure to find a wide range of possibilities. You may need to spend some time with your favorite names, trying them on for size to see if they are a good fit for your little boy.

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