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Awoo Installer
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A NSP/NSZ/XCI/XCZ Installer Based on Tinfoil.


  • Installs NSP/NSZ/XCI/XCZ files and split NSP/XCI files from your SD card.
  • Installs NSP/NSZ/XCI/XCZ files over LAN or USB from tools such as NS-USBloader.
  • Installs NSP/NSZ/XCI/XCZ files over the internet by URL or Google Drive.
  • Verifies NCAs by header signature before they're installed.
  • Installs and manages the latest signature patches quickly and easily.
  • Based on Adubbz Tinfoil.
  • Uses XorTroll's Plutonium for a pretty graphical interface.
  • Just werks.


Place the .nro to sdmc:/switch/Awoo-Installer/.

(Optional) Custom background and images:

  • Background (1280x720) - sdmc:/switch/Awoo-Installer/background.png
  • Image on the main menu - sdmc:/switch/Awoo-Installer/awoo_main.png
  • Image on the install page - sdmc:/switch/Awoo-Installer/awoo_inst.png

Do not run it in Applet mode (hold R and open Album). Launch it with full memory mode (hold R and open any game).

If you encounter error, try deleting config.json in sdmc:/switch/Awoo-Installer/.


Awoo Installer Switch (2)

Awoo Installer Switch (3)

Awoo Installer Switch (4)


Not compatible with sxos.

Known issues


v1.3.5 2022/12/15

  • Updated translations (thanks to @wolfposd, @Alispezzate, @DDinghoya and @okok7711).
  • Add support for sparce NCA updates (thanks to @wuwwyy).
  • Recompiled with latest libnx (thanks to @wuwwyy again).
  • Using external patch source now since we are too lazy to update them ourselves.

v1.3.4 2020/12/12

  • 11.0.0+ USB support.
  • NS-USBloader network-stopper feature (Thanks @developersu).
  • Add Spanish translation (Thanks @PabloPerezRodriguez).
  • Fix XCI installation if card was inserted prior (Thanks @ITotalJustice).
  • Fix potential handle leak on various errors.
  • Various small language fixes.
  • Updated signature patches for Hekate + Atmosphere on 11.0.1.

v1.3.3 2020/05/28

  • Added Japanese translation files (Thanks @yyoossk).
  • Added Chinese translation files and support for their character sets (Thanks @Polytoo & @WanderMax).
  • Added Portuguese translation files (Thanks @liqen).
  • Modifications for compilation on the latest libnx (Thanks @masagrator).
  • Updated signature patches for Hekate + Atmosphere on 10.0.3.

v1.3.2 2020/02/27

  • Added French translation files (Thanks @Ekaekale).
  • Added Italian translation files (Thanks @Le0xFF).
  • Fixed some issues with the German translation (Thanks @dezem).
  • Custom backgrounds now apply to the USB installation page (Thanks @16BitWonder).

v1.3.1 2020/01/12

  • Files received for installation remotely are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Fixed a bug that caused installations to fail when sending a large amount of files over USB.
  • Installations now use a lot more RAM in title override mode, slightly speeding up remote NSZ installations.
  • Behind-the-scenes Plutonium changes and optimizations (Thanks @HookedBehemoth).
  • Some translation string fixes and changes.
  • Other small changes and bug fixes.

v1.3.0 2019/12/28

  • Remote installations over USB.
    • Files can now be installed over USB from other devices.
    • Just select the "Install over USB" option on the main menu.
    • NS-USBloader in Tinfoil mode is recommended for ALL remote installations with Awoo Installer.
    • Support will NOT currently be given for other uploaders, but that doesn't mean they won't work.
    • A setup guide for USB installations can be found here.
  • Updates to Awoo Installer are now checked for automatically on startup.
    • Updates can be installed in-app or ignored for later.
    • This feature can be disabled in the Settings menu.
    • Updates can also be checked for manually in the Settings menu.
  • Languages can now be changed in the Settings menu.
    • Languages will be automatically selected based on the system language.
  • Russian language support (Thanks @developersu!).
  • German language support (Thanks @HookedBehemoth!).
  • Support for NSP/NSZ files containing multiple contents.
  • Contents installed previously are now removed before re-installation.
  • Config files are now stored in JSON.
    • Previously selected settings will not carry over to 1.3.0+.
  • Mashing the exit button on startup no longer crashes the software.
    • Now a feature exclusive to Goldleaf).
  • Many small changes and bug fixes.

v1.2.2 2019/12/14

  • Fixed a bug that caused XCI installations from SD card to fail.
  • Builds are now compiled with a properly built lib-zstd (large NSZ/XCZ files actually install now).
  • Audio notifications for warnings, errors, and complete installations.
    • Can be disabled by turning your volume down).
  • Home button is no longer blocked during installations.
  • Users are now warned about potential instability using Applet Mode.
  • Losing connection during a LAN/internet install no longer causes the software to crash.
  • Google Drive API key can now be set in your config.ini.
    • Will appear in your config after running the software and changing settings once.
  • Many behind-the-scenes changes for USB installations (Coming soon!).
  • Many other small changes and bug fixes.
  • Compiled with switchbrew/libnx@d1e5a5d.

v1.2.1 2019/12/06

  • Fixed SD card NSP/NSZ installations causing the software to crash.

v1.2.0 2019/12/06

  • XCI and XCZ support (Thanks @HookedBehemoth).
    • XCI and XCZ files can now be installed just like NSP and NSZ files.
    • If a XCI/XCZ file includes DLC and updates, these will be installed as well.
    • No more struggling to convert pesky XCI/XCZ files.
  • SD card directory browsing.
    • Files can now be selected for installation from anywhere on the SD card.
    • Just browse to their location, select your files, and install like normal.
  • Custom backgrounds.
    • A custom background image can be placed in /switch/Awoo-Installer as "background.png", 1280x720.
  • A LOT of other changes and bug fixes.

v1.1.0 2019/11/19

  • NCA verification.
    • Contents of files you attempt to install are now checked for authenticity.
    • If a file is detected as modified, Awoo Installer will alert you of the risks.
    • "Modified" contents might include cartridge image repacks, DLC unlockers, mods, and malware.
    • Make sure if you're installing modified files that you verify that their source is trustworthy.
  • "Boost mode" during installations.
    • Increase install speeds by enabling Nintendo's "boost mode" when installing software.
    • Disabled by default.
  • Google Drive support by file ID.
    • Software can be installed directly from Google Drive by entering a public link's file ID into Awoo Installer.
    • This feature can be found by pressing Y on the Network Installation page, and selecting "Google Drive".
    • More services may be implemented in the future.
  • Change the fat Awoos to whatever you want.
    • Images can be placed in /switch/Awoo-Installer.
    • "awoo_main.png" for the main menu, and "awoo_inst.png" for the install page.
  • Removed SX OS license.dat check.
  • Many other changes and bug fixes.


Thanks to:

  • HookedBehemoth for A LOT of contributions.
  • Adubbz and other contributors for Tinfoil.
  • XorTroll for Plutonium and Goldleaf.
  • blawar (wife strangulator) and nicoboss for NSZ support.
  • The kind folks at the AtlasNX Discuck (or at least some of them).
  • The also kind folks at the RetroNX Discuck (of no direct involvement).
  • namako8982 for the Momiji art.
  • TheXzoron for being a baka.

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