Best Polo Shirts for Muscular Guys (2024)

The polo shirt is a classic combination of casual and formal. With the versatility of a t-shirt and the formality of a collar, the polo shirt can work for a variety of occasions and dress codes. The best polo shirts for muscular guys combine luxury and an excellent fit.

We have an entire range of thebest athletic fit polo shirts. Available in an assortment of styles and colors, our polo shirts are a must-have for any athletic man. By changing up your pants and shoes, you can elevate a casual polo to easy sophistication.

What this article covers:

  • Classic Fit Polo Shirts vs. TAILORED ATHLETE Polo Shirts
  • Finding the Perfect Polo Shirt for Your Body Type
  • The Signature TAILORED ATHLETE Polo Shirts

Classic Fit Polo Shirts vs. TAILORED ATHLETE Polo Shirts

Most retailers don’t cater to bodies that don’t bring in the most revenue. This means muscular men are often left squeezing themselves into clothes not designed for them. Either the clothes are too small or you have to size up and risk the unflattering boxy silhouettes available for larger bodies.

You may ask what aboutclassic fit vs slim fit polo shirts? The truth is that while slim-fit polos may give you the silhouette you are after, they simply won’t give you the freedom of movement that you need. Classic fits will be too baggy and slim fits will be too tight.

Finding the Perfect Polo Shirt for Your Body Type

Thebest-fitting men’s polo shirts are tapered to create a flattering silhouette while providing space for muscular frames. It’s difficult to know exactly what to look for when choosing polo shirts, so keep these factors in mind:

  • The sleeves. Raglan-cut sleeves are much more flattering on muscular arms than straight-cut sleeves.
  • The fabric. All our clothes are created with 4-way stretch, moisture-wicking fabric to keep you comfortable and dry all day, even in Summer.
  • The shape. Most polo shirts are straight-cut to suit the majority of body types. Unfortunately, this means they aren’t truly flattering on any body type. Our True Muscle Fit is tapered in all the right places to create the ideal silhouette.

When it comes tohow a polo shirt should fit your body, you are looking for stylish comfort. You shouldn’t feel squeezed in, and the clothes shouldn’t hang off your body. A well-fitting polo shirt will flatter the body you work so hard on.

The Signature TAILORED ATHLETE Polo Shirts

We have designed the best athletic fit polo shirts to suit muscular physiques. Our different items of athletic-fit clothing can all work together seamlessly to create an endless combination of outfits for every occasion. From casual to formal, we have you covered.

The Muscle Fit Polo Shirt

Designed using the TAILORED ATHLETE True Muscle Fit, thisMuscle Fit Polo Shirt was made for athletes to feel comfortable and confident in any situation. The super-soft cotton fabric hugs the body without restricting movement. The Muscle Fit Polo Shirt is available in several flattering colors to work with any outfit.

The Slub Open Collar Polo Shirt

Slub fabric is extremely soft with a worn-in vintage feel straight out of the box. Available in three subtle colors, thisOpen Collar Slub Polo Shirt can easily be paired with any of ourmen's athletic-fit jeans or pants for an effortlessly put-together look.

The Merino Open Collar Polo Shirt

Merino wool is renowned for its luxuriously soft texture. TheMerino Open Collar Polo Shirt provides easy comfort when paired with a pair of our Chinos. Easily machine washable with moisture-wicking properties, this polo is ideal for summer.

The Stripe Chest Zip Polo Shirt

This polo is the perfect accompaniment for a casual weekend look. Pair it with jeans and trainers for a chic yet comfortable outfit or with trousers for a more elevated feeling. The zip collar provides a modern take on the classic polo shirt.

This makes ourStripe Chest Zip Polo shirt a great choice.

The Jersey Buttonless Polo Shirt

This polo has raglan-cut sleeves that accentuate muscular biceps. The stretchy cotton in thisJersey Buttonless Polo Shirt ensures a tight fit with ample freedom to move. The best polo shirts for athletic builds will allow you to comfortably put your arms above your head with no pinching.

The Printed Open Collar Polo Shirt

Ideal for making a statement, thisPrinted Open Collar Polo Shirt sports an interesting geometric print and our signature moisture-wicking fabric. Paired with our tailored shorts, the printed polo shirt is fantastic for summer days.

The Split Hem Polo Shirt

The minimal styling of thisSplit Hem Polo Shirt lets your physique take center stage. Tight-fitting and tapered to highlight your muscular body, this polo is understated, sleek, and stylish. It is the perfect companion to any of our athletic-fit trousers.

The Color Block Knit Polo Shirt

ThisColor Block Knit Polo Shirt combines all the best parts of our muscle-fit polos with a modern color-block design. If you would like to add some patterns to your wardrobe while keeping everything elevated and sophisticated, we recommend the color-block polo.

The Tipped High V Knit Polo Shirt

The buttonless collar of thisTipped High V Knit Polo Shirt modernizes the classic polo. Made with our super soft 4-way stretch cotton, it suits both smart and casual dress codes. Dress them up with our true muscle-fit tech suit trousers for a more formal look.

The Mercerised Tipped Zip Polo Shirt

The mercerisation process makes the cotton fabric of thisMercerised Tipped Zip Polo Shirt tear resistant, reduces any possible shrinkage, and creates a buttery soft silk finish. The zip neckline is a modern take on the classic polo neck.

The Pique Polo Shirt

Pique cotton has a unique texture that looks like subtle quilting. This luxuriously softPique Polo Shirt is perfect for a casual look paired with our athletic-fit jeans and trainers. Perfectly tailored for the muscular physique, this polo will quickly become a go-to item in your wardrobe.


We have developed the best polo shirts for muscular guys that highlight the physique they work so hard for. We believe everyone should be able to dress well. Working on your body and having an athletic build should not disqualify you from looking stylish.

Our clothes have been designed to make you feel confident at any event. Whether you’re heading to an important meeting or a lunch date, you can look classy and well-put together. Gone are the days of wearing unflattering, oversized clothes, now there’s a brand that caters exclusively to athletic builds.

As athletes ourselves, we know exactly what you need from your clothes. We created a range of clothing that we wear every day, so we know you will appreciate each item. The versatile pieces are built to last with only the highest-quality materials available.

Take the stress out of clothes shopping by purchasing items that you know are made for your body and your lifestyle.

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Best Polo Shirts for Muscular Guys (2024)
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