Cute Boy Names That Are Sweet and Adorable (2024)

By Stefanie Miller

Updated May 13, 2023

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Few things are cuter than a newborn baby. Choosing a cute baby name for your little one may seem difficult because there are so many name options.

Cute boy name options are endless. Sweet boy names can be both traditional or modern and unique. Many cute names for boys also work as gender-neutral names as well. It may feel very overwhelming.

If you want an adorable name for your little one, we’ve got 150 of our cutest boy names to choose from.

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We split them up into a few categories and included their origins and meanings so you can skip doing the research yourself. Take a look below to see if any happen to catch your eye.

Sweet and Cute Boy Names (with Meanings)

  1. Aaron - Hebrew for “shining light”
  2. Aiden - Irish for “warm”
  3. Beau - Hebrew for “strong and fast,” Scandinavian for “commanding”
  4. Benjamin - Hebrew for “son of my right hand”
  5. Blake - Old English, means “white” or “black”
  6. Calvin - Latin for “bald”
  7. Christopher - Greek for “Christ-bearer”
  8. Easton - English for “east-facing place”
  9. Emerson - Old English for “Emery’s son”
  10. Everett - German for “strong boar”
  11. Flynn - Irish for “son of the red haired man”
  12. Grayson - Old English for “to shine”
  13. Henry - German fort “house ruler”
  14. Holden - Old English for “valley”
  15. Jesse - Hebrew for “God’s gift”
  16. Knox - Old English for “from the hills”
  17. Leo - Several meanings and origins including Greek for “lion”
  18. Logan - Scottish for “little hollow”
  19. Mason - French for “stoneworker”
  20. Maverick - English for “nonconforming”
  21. Nathaniel - Hebrew for “gift of God”
  22. Noah - Hebrew for “comfort” or “wanderer”
  23. Parker - Old English for “cultivated land”
  24. Phoenix - Greek for “mystical bird” or “dark red”
  25. Rowan - Old English for “tree with red berries”
  26. Ryder - English for “horseman”
  27. Sebastian - Latin for “revered one”
  28. Silas - Latin for “wood” or “woodman”
  29. Weston - Old English for “westerly direction”
  30. Wyatt - Old English for “little warrior” and French for “water”

Classic Cute Names for Boys (with Meanings)

Cute Boy Names That Are Sweet and Adorable (1)

  1. Adam - Hebrew for “earth”
  2. Albert - German for “noble”
  3. Alexander - Greek for “protector of mankind”
  4. Arthur - Welsh for “bear hero”
  5. Caleb - Hebrew for “faithful”
  6. Cameron - Old English for “bent nose”
  7. Charlie - Italian for “valiant”
  8. Daniel - Hebrew for “God is my judge”
  9. Dylan - Welsh for “sea”
  10. Edward - Old English for “rich guardian”
  11. Eric - Scandinavian for “ruler of all”
  12. Gideon - Hebrew for “mighty warrior”
  13. Griffin - Several meanings and origins including Welsh for “red”
  14. Isaac - Hebrew for “laughter”
  15. Jacob - Hebrew for “the supplanter”
  16. Joshua - Hebrew for “the lord is my salvation”
  17. Liam - Irish for “unwavering protector”
  18. Louis - German for “famous warrior”
  19. Matthew - Hebrew for “gift of God”
  20. Nicholas - Greek for “victorious people”
  21. Oliver - Latin for “olive tree planter”
  22. Oscar - Hawaiian for “divine strength” and Old Norse for “divine spear”
  23. Owen - Irish for “born to nobility” or ”warrior”
  24. Peter - Latin for “rock” or “stone”
  25. Ryan - Gaelic for “little king”
  26. Samuel - Hebrew for “name of God”
  27. Spencer - Old English for “dispenser” or “keeper”
  28. Thomas - Greek for “twin”
  29. Tristan - Welsh and Celtic for “noise” and Latin for “laborer”
  30. William - Spanish for “resolute” or “protector”

Trendy Cute Boy Names (with Meanings)

  1. Archie - English for “bold prince”
  2. Arlo - German for “famous throughout the land”
  3. Atlas - A Greek mythical titan who supported the earth on his back
  4. Axel - Old German for “father of peace” and Swedish for “divine source of life”
  5. Bodhi/Bodie - Sanskrit for “awakening” or “enlightenment”
  6. Bronx - American name that comes from one of the boroughs in New York City
  7. Cassius - Latin for “vain”
  8. Crew - Latin for “chariot” or “run”
  9. Dax - English for “water” and the name of a town in France
  10. Hayes - Old English for “hedged area”
  11. Hendrix - Old English for “lord’s manor”
  12. Jagger - English for “carter”
  13. Jameson - Hebrew for “supplanter”
  14. Jaxon - English for “God has been gracious”
  15. Kai - Several origins and meanings including Hawaiian for “ocean”
  16. Kyler - Several origins and meanings including English for “peaceful”
  17. Legend - English for “story about the past”
  18. Levi - Hebrew for “united”
  19. Lincoln - Old English for “home by the pond”
  20. Maddox - English for “son of the Lord”
  21. Nash - Old English for “cliff”
  22. Neo - Greek for “new”
  23. Onyx - Greek for “dark black” or the precious gemstone
  24. Otto - German for “wealthy”
  25. Ozzy - Hebrew for “strength”
  26. Saint - French, and Latin for “holy”
  27. Tatum - English for “cheerful” or “bringer of joy”
  28. Theodore - Greek for “gift of God”
  29. Wilder - A German, English, and Danish variant of “Wild”
  30. Zayn - Arabic for “beauty”

More Cute Names for Boys (with Meanings)

Cute Boy Names That Are Sweet and Adorable (2)

  1. Anders - Swedish for “son of Andrew” and Greek for “valiant”
  2. Asher - Hebrew for “fortunate”
  3. August - Latin for “exalted”
  4. Austin - Latin for “useful”
  5. Avery - English for “counselor”
  6. Brody - Gaelic for “ditch” or “mire”
  7. Carter - Old English for “cart driver”
  8. Colby - Several origins and meanings including Hebrew for “faithful”
  9. Collin - Greek for “famous one”
  10. Dustin - German for “valiant fighter” and English for “brown rock”
  11. Elias - Hebrew for “the Lord is God”
  12. Elijah - Hebrew for “the strong Lord”
  13. Ellis - Hebrew for “the Lord is God”
  14. Ethan - Latin for “constant”
  15. Ezra - Hebrew for “salvation”
  16. Finley - Celtic and Irish for “fair-haired”
  17. Fletcher - Old French for “seller of arrows”
  18. Ford - Old English for “river crossing”
  19. Freddie - English for “friend of peace”
  20. Gavin - Welsh for “hawk”
  21. Grant - Scottish for “large” or “big”
  22. Gus - Latin for “exalted” or “majestic”
  23. Huck - German for “bog”
  24. Hudson - Old English for “son of Hud”
  25. Hugh - German for “bright soul”
  26. Ian - Scottish and Hebrew for “God is gracious”
  27. Isaiah - Hebrew for “salvation of the Lord”
  28. Jace - American for “moon” and Greek for “healer”
  29. Jayden - Hebrew for “God heard”
  30. Jett - English for “jet black mineral”
  31. Jude - Hebrew for “praised”
  32. Leon - Greek and German for “lion”
  33. Lucas - Latin, and English for “bringer of light”
  34. Mateo - Hebrew for “gift of God” and Greek for “devoted to God”
  35. Milo - German for “merciful” or Latin for “soldier”
  36. Moses - Hebrew for “drawn from the water” or French for “a white wine”
  37. Ned - Slavic for “born on Sunday” or “sanctuary”
  38. Nolan - Irish and Scottish for “renowned” or “famous”
  39. Otis - German for “wealthy”
  40. Peyton - English for “fighting man’s estate”
  41. Pierce - Latin and English for “rock”
  42. Quentin - Latin for “fifth born child”
  43. Quinn - Several origins and meanings including Latin for “a girl who is as pretty as two”
  44. Remy - French for “from Rheims”
  45. Rhys - Old Welsh for “enthusiastic”
  46. Riley - Irish for “rye” and Gaelic for “valiant”
  47. Rocky - Old English for “rock fortress”
  48. Roman - Several origins and meanings including Hebrew for “strong”
  49. Rory - Several origins and meanings including Irish for “red”
  50. Sawyer - Middle English for “woodsman”
  51. Shane - Hebrew for “beautiful or “God’s grace”
  52. Tobias - Hebrew for “God is good”
  53. Trenton - Latin for “torrent”
  54. Walker - Middle English for “cloth worker” or “distinctive”
  55. Waylon - English for “land by the road”
  56. Wesley - Old English for “west meadow”
  57. Xander - Greek for “protector of mankind”
  58. Zachary - Hebrew for “God remembers”
  59. Zane - Arabic for “beloved”
  60. Zeke - Arabic for “the memory of the Lord”

There are so many adorable options for your baby boy here, no matter what you’re looking for. We hope you find some naming inspiration from any of our popular baby name lists.

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And if any of these adorable baby boy names had you going, “awww,” Pin this list to save it for later:

Cute Boy Names That Are Sweet and Adorable (3)

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