Hospital bag checklist for mum and baby (2024)

If you’re nearing your due date, you might be wondering what to pack in your hospital bag. It is always best to plan ahead and pack some essentials – both for you and baby – at least two weeks before you’re due to give birth.

You can use any type of bag or suitcase. Some people prefer to pack two separate bags: one bag for mum, and one bag for baby. There are essentials for both, like a change of clothes for you and a full outfit for the newborn, but it’s also worth thinking about what possessions would make you feel at ease and comfortable during birth and labour.

Hospital bag checklist: for mum

Your midwife will likely have some suggestions on what to pack. To help you get started, we have complied a hospital bag checklist for you:

1. Something comfortable to wear

    Pack something loose and comfy to wear, such as a nightie or a baggy tee-shirt to wear during labour. Ideally, you want something that won’t be restrictive or make you too hot.

    2. Dressing gown

    A dressing gown will come in handy if you end up moving around the hospital during early labour. Hospitals can be warm, so ideally opt for something lighter (and dark-coloured, if you want to minimise stains).

    3. Slippers

    Slippers or flip flops are a good footwear option as they are comfortable and can be slipped on and off easily.

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    4. Socks

    Feet may get surprisingly cold during labour, so it is a good idea to pack socks.

    5. Healthy snacks

    Pack some snacks to eat at the hospital before, during and after labour. Most women are still able to eat during labour. While the hospital will have food, but it is a good idea to have snacks on-hand that you know you like. Opt for healthy, high energy foods that are quick to eat, such as fruit, unsalted nuts, crisps, popcorn or cereal bars.

    6. Breast pads

    Even if you don’t plan to breastfeed – bring these. Your breasts will still produce milk after the birth.

    Hospital bag checklist for mum and baby (2)

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    7. Lip balm

    Lips tend to get dry on the wards – especially if you are using gas or air – so pack vaseline, or your lip balm of choice.

    8. Massage oil

    Massage oil or lotion can be great during labour for helping with relaxation and pain relief.

    9. Pads

    It’s normal to bleed after giving birth so bring a couple of packs of super-absorbent sanitary or maternity pads.

    10. Toiletries

    Don’t forget to pack your everyday toiletries, such as shampoo, your toothbrush, deodorant.

    11. Something to relax

    Bring along something that can help you relax and pass the time. We suggest a good book, magazine or podcast.

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    12. Hairties

    To help keep the hair off your face during labour.

    13. Clean clothes

    Bring about three changes of clean clothes, including an outfit to wear home from the hospital.

    14. Eye masks and ear plugs

    Hospital wards can be noisy and brightly lit, so these essentials will help you nod off.

    15. Change bag

    A change bag is perfect for carrying all of your baby essentials.

    Hospital bag checklist for mum and baby (4)

    A nightie

    JoJo Maman Bébé

    A nightie or comfortable t-shirt to give birth in.

    Hospital bag checklist for mum and baby (5)


    Go forsnacks that are high energy andeasy to eat.

    Hospital bag checklist for mum and baby (7)


    You might be pacing the corridors.

    Hospital bag checklist for mum and baby (8)




    Feet get surprisingly cold during labour.

    Hospital bag checklist for mum and baby (9)

    Lip Balm

    Lips tend to get dry on the wards so pack Vaseline.

    Hospital bag checklist for mum and baby (10)

    Massage oil

    This is for relaxation and/or pain relief.

    Hospital bag checklist for mum and baby (11)


    It's normal tobleed after giving birth so bring pads.

    Hospital bag checklist for mum and baby (12)

    Breast Pads


    Bring these – even if you don't plan to breastfeed.

    Hospital bag checklist for mum and baby (13)


    Bring something to keep you busy anddistracted.

    Hospital bag checklist for mum and baby (14)

    Clean clothes

    Bring a change of outfit for the journey home.

    Hospital bag checklist for mum and baby (15)

    Change bag

    This change bag is perfect for carrying baby essentials.

    Hospital bag checklist: for baby

    For the baby, you might want to pack:

    1. Nappies

    You will need to bring nappies – either disposable or reusable – for your baby, who will go through about 12 each day. You should also bring a nappy bag to carry clean nappies.

    2. Full outfit

    A full outfit for your baby wear on the way home from hospital, including a pair of booties, a hat, socks and mittens (if it’s cold).

    3. Shawl or blanket

    Bring a cosy blanket to wrap your baby up in if it is cold outside when you are leaving the hospital.

    4. Muslin squares

    Bring muslin squares for mopping up any milk your baby brings up.

    5. Baby car seat

    You will need a baby car seat for the car ride home.

    Hospital bag checklist for mum and baby (16)



    Your newborn will go through about 12 nappies each day.

    Hospital bag checklist for mum and baby (17)

    Muslin squares


    US$15.99 (11% off)

    For mopping up any milk your baby brings up.

    Hospital bag checklist for mum and baby (18)

    Full outfit


    £22.50 (10% off)

    Don't forget a full outfit for your baby to wear home from hospital.

    Hospital bag checklist for mum and baby (19)



    Hospital bag checklist for mum and baby (20)

    Cosy blanket

    JoJo Maman Bébé

    Bring a blanket to wrap your baby in if it is cold outside.

    Hospital bag checklist for mum and baby (21)

    Changing mat

    You will need a changing mat for your baby.

    Hospital bag checklist for mum and baby (22)

    Nappy bags

    For your baby's dirty nappies.

    Hospital bag checklist for mum and baby (23)

    Baby car seat

    Britax Rö

    For the car ride home.

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    Last updated: 20-10-2020

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          Hospital bag checklist for mum and baby (2024)


          What do I pack in my hospital bag for me and baby? ›

          Here's what should go in their hospital bag:
          • Cell phone and charger.
          • A change of clothes.
          • Toiletries. Including a toothbrush, deodorant, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, contact lens case and solution.
          • Snacks. ...
          • Entertainment. ...
          • Camera. ...
          • Any daily prescription medication.
          Jan 19, 2024

          What should I pack in my mum in the hospital bag? ›

          Your Labour Bag Checklist
          • Birth plan and maternity notes.
          • Several nightdresses or t-shirts.
          • Slippers or socks.
          • A lightweight dressing gown.
          • Lip balm.
          • Water spray or sponge – to help keep you cool.
          • Snacks and isotonic drinks – to keep your energy levels up.
          • Maternity pads.

          How many outfits to bring to hospital for mom? ›

          Too many clothes.

          You'll likely be in your nightgown for most of your stay, so you won't need a lot of clothes. Pack a going-home outfit that is comfortable and easy to put on, like leggings and a loose shirt.

          What should I wear in my mom's hospital bag? ›

          What I Packed (AND ACTUALLY USED) in My Hospital Bag: Packing List for Mom and Baby
          • Slippers.
          • Sandals for shower.
          • Underwear you don't mind ruining. ...
          • Night Gown with buttons. ...
          • Pajamas with button top if nursing or pumping. ...
          • Going home outfit for you – I wore leggings and a sweater. ...
          • Shoes that will fit when extremely swollen!

          Do you wear a bra during labor? ›

          Studies suggest giving birth is the equivalent to running a marathon in terms of energy output, (and can actually result in similar injuries, but let's not go there right now!) so it makes sense to wear a bra and/or clothing fit for exertion and perspiration.

          What should I wear during labor and delivery? ›

          The hospital will supply you with a gown, slippers, disposable underwear, and basic toiletries. While it is nice to have your own clothes with you, labor and the first few days postpartum are most often a very messy time, so you may not want to wear your brand-new lingerie.

          Is 37 weeks too late to pack hospital bag? ›

          You'll also need to pack some items for your baby. You will also need to get a few other things sorted, such as a car seat to bring your baby home in and essentials for the early days. It's a good idea to have everything ready by no later than 37 weeks.

          How long do you stay in hospital after giving birth? ›

          If you're both doing well, you'll usually be ready to go home somewhere between 6 and 24 hours after birth. You may need to stay a bit longer if: you've had an emergency caesarean section. you or your baby need extra care.

          Should I pack a separate hospital bag for baby? ›

          Pack separate bags for mom and baby to help you stay organized.

          What week should you pack a hospital bag? ›

          When Should You Pack Your Hospital Bag? You should have your hospital bag ready to go between weeks 32 and 35 of your pregnancy, in case your baby comes a bit earlier than expected. A good time to start the packing process is around the 28 week mark, or at the start of your 3rd trimester.

          Do I need to pack baby clothes in hospital bag? ›

          Small babies need little

          In the hospital, blankets and onesies are typically provided. If you'd like to bring baby his/her own clothes to wear during your stay or a special outfit, please do so, but it isn't required. Don't forget a seasonally-appropriate outfit for baby to wear home!

          Should I pack diapers for my hospital bag? ›

          Once you give birth, you'll obviously have a whole new person to take care of. So, you should put items for the baby on your hospital bag packing list. One thing that many moms say you DON'T need to worry about packing is a lot of diapers and wipes unless you plan to use a very specific kind.

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