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A photo scavenger hunt provides opportunities to move around without having to part ways with the phone. A photo scavenger hunt is also a great way to tap into the kids’ creative development, allowing them to explore angles, perspective, positioning, and more. It also gets the kids up and moving. Keep reading for more information on our new favorite activity!

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How to Prepare for Photo Scavenger Hunts

A photo scavenger hunt may seem like a complicated event to organize, but it’s actually pretty simple. It’s similar to a traditional scavenger hunt, only your participants will be asked to take pictures of each item on the list instead of collecting them by hand. Check out the instructions below!

Find out how to put together the ultimate outdoor scavenger hunt for kids here. Use our free printable template to create the ultimate experience for your kids.

1. Gather Your Supplies

All you need is a camera or smartphone, a list of items for your participants to capture, and a timer (though this is optional). If you’re leaning on the game to celebrate a special event like a birthday party, you’ll probably be expecting a pretty big turnout. In that case, you might want to break the group up into teams. Decide as a group whether you want everyone to have their own camera or let the team members share the same smartphone.

2. Choose Your Location

Think about where you want to host your photo scavenger hunt. Consider things like the weather, how many kids will be participating, how much supervision they’ll require, and so on.

If you’re planning this event during the winter months, you might think about moving things inside. You can also move things into the backyard if you don’t want to stray far from home.

Older kids might have fun roaming around the neighborhood or moving things to a more public place. Think about bringing the action to a zoo, museum, or even the mall.

3. Create Your Scavenger Hunt List

Think about what you want to include in your list. You’ll want to include things that the kids will be able to take photos of, but you don’t want to make it too easy. If you’re working with an older group of girls and boys, think about incorporating some challenging words into the list. Phrase your clues in terms of a question, or try using riddles to make the list more difficult to decipher. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with your ideas!

4. Think About Your Time Limit

Though not entirely necessary, it can be fun to apply a time limit on your scavenger hunt. See who gets to the bottom of their first. This is an easy way to introduce a little competition. It can also help encourage each kid to contribute to the team.

You can also create an indoor scavenger hunt for kids. Check out our ideas on how to move the fun inside!

Tips For a Successful Photo Scavenger Hunt

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The key to a successful scavenger hunt is communication. Make sure each team member understands the rules clearly. If you’re working with different ages, try grouping them together so that the teams are evenly divided according to size, skill, and capacity.

Divide your list into categories. This might make it easier for the kids to follow. For instance, you can arrange the hunt based on color, location, use, and so on.

Lastly, we suggest assigning an impartial judge to assess each team’s performance at the end of the game. This will help you avoid any unnecessary arguments over who wins. Ask your judge to review the photos. Each picture should be unique and connected to its corresponding clue.

Benefits of Hosting a Photo Scavenger Hunt

There’s a reason why photo scavenger hunts are a top choice among team-building activities. It’s an effective way to encourage trust and cooperation within the group. A scavenger hunt can also provide new insights into completing tasks, overcoming challenges, and attaining goals.

These advantages aren’t just reserved for the corporate world. Schools often look to scavenger hunts to help students develop tangible problem-solving skills, improve memory, and engage in healthy competition. It also happens to be a great way for them to have fun with their peers!

More Scavenger Hunt Ideas

While photo scavenger hunts certainly provide new ways for people to enjoy an old favorite, there are tons of other twists on the activity. Check out the list below for even more scavenger hunt ideas.

1. Stay-At-Home Scavenger Hunt

This one certainly came in handy over the past year. A stay-at-home scavenger hunt game is a great way to pass the time when stuck inside. Create a list of things for the kids to find around the house. Be a little vague with some clues so that the kids can interpret them creatively. You can ask them to find “something squishy,” for instance, and see what items they bring back.

2. Zoo Scavenger Hunt

This is a perfect way to introduce kids to new vocabulary while practicing their animal-spotting skills. Watch the kids zoom around the zoo, checking things off their list!

3. Color Scavenger Hunt

A color scavenger hunt is great for young kids who are still developing their sense of color and shapes. You can also use this game as a way to introduce older kids to different shades or hues.

More Games from Great Wolf Lodge

We hope you enjoyed putting together your photo scavenger hunt! At Great Wolf Lodge, we’re committed to creating family memories, one family at a time. Check out our One Tree Planted Scavenger Hunt for more ways to enjoy this activity around the resort. You can also take the activity on the road. Find instructions for our road trip scavenger hunt here.

You can also check out our blog for fun things you can do at home. Each week, we’re bringing our readers new games, recipes, and crafts for families to explore.

Photo Scavenger Hunt | Great Wolf Lodge (2024)
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