Red Curry Lentils With Sweet Potatoes and Spinach Recipe (2024)

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@patriciaCurry powder- IndianCurry paste- ThaiTotally different flavors


To those of you who are fat phobic. Why buy lite coconut milk? You are simply paying for the extra water that was added to make it "lite". Buy whole coconut milk, dilute it with water to your taste and freeze the remaining milk for another use. It does freeze beautifully.


Really great meatless meal option! Added 4 oz. baby Bella mushrooms and substituted 1 Tbsp sriracha sauce for the chili. Also, upped the lime juice to a whole lime because there’s never a happy ending for half a lime in my kitchen.


I have found cubing the sweet potatoes then roasting them helps to keep their shape. I use this method for most of recipes which call for sweet potatoes, such as chili etc.


I made this in an instant pot. Browned the sweet potatoes in the IP using the sauté function, then cooked the onions in there too. Cooked the lentils and potatoes on high pressure for 12 minutes. Came out perfect.


1 t curry powder for 1 T curry paste -- and some cayenne if desired.


I think some of the discrepancies people are finding with liquid and cooking times may be by using red SPLIT lentils (which are red-orange in color) instead of red lentils (which are more brown in color). Red lentils take much more cooking time and liquid. Red split lentils will get mushier but should still be delicious!

Marni Price

This recipe was absolutely LEGIT. Sweet/salty/spicy. I live in the Dominican Republic where orange flesh sweet potatoes aren’t in supermarkets very often, so I subbed in Caribbean pumpkin, and French green lentils instead of red. It was superb.


Intensity of curry paste varies enormously—3 Tbs would be right for some brands and inedibly hot for others. Careful.


I absolutely loved this dish as did my family. I only used 3 cups of stock and dropped the coconut milk--yes, I used lite!--to 6 oz to avoid anything to soupy. It was so, so good and the light coconut milk dropped the weight watchers points by more than half. Don't be afraid--I'm serious--it was spectacular. I forgot the lime juice and the cilantro, and it was still *that* good. Next time, I won't be so impatient!


You can freeze it too!


This was the most delicious and satisfying meal that I have cooked in along time. However, I think 2 tsp of salt is way too much, both for taste and health. My low-sodium vegetable broth added enough. If you are not going for vegetarian, a tablespoon of fish sauce would be good - more flavor, half the sodium. I served it over jasmine rice.


Very tasty. Red lentils cook much more quickly than most other lentils. Therefore the timing of cooking the lentils is off. It didn’t take nearly as long as dictated in the recipe.


I love this recipe because I had all the ingredients on hand, except for lentils, so I subbed a can of chickpeas and it turned out great. I found I need a little hit of red pepper flakes as my chili paste wasn't hot enough. Made it last night and had leftovers for lunch today - even better today as the flavors have time to blend.


Delicious but too much stock. I actually suspected that and cut the stock by 1 cup and when I added the Coconut Milk, it seemed too liquidy to me. But still delicious.


One of the most delicious & satisfying soups I'ver ever made. Used a small acorn squash & small butternut squash instead of sweet potatoes, kale instead of spinach & 3 cups of bean broth because that is what I had. Used extra lime. Very flexible recipe. I've also made this with 4-5 cups of roasted & cubed pumpkin & added a large can of whole tomatoes (roughly chopped, medium pieces). When the stew was ready I added fish chunks to the pot for about 20 min. then added the spinach.


I have made this recipe as written at least 3 times and riffed on it another 20. As written it's fantastic!! My changes were mostly made to accommodate lack of ingredients or lack of time. No sweet potatoes? Try carrots instead! No chili pepper? Swap a couple dashes of your favorite hot sauce or skip all together. Short on time? Skip step 1. Add small cubed sweet pots directly at step 3. Use split red lentils instead of whole reds. After 10 mins move on to step 4. Cook another 10-15mins.


Made this using an instant pot per another commenter’s suggestion, and this came out beautifully! I grew up in an Indian household cooking with toor dal oily lentils, so I just used those because that is what I had on hand and WOW! Topped with lemon juice instead of lime, and now I’m eating my dinner straight out of the instant pot 😆


We made this exactly as written and it was absolutely delicious!


Fine, not amazing. Used local curry paste 1T was plenty


If you’re not used to using Thai red chile paste - like me! - start with 1 or 1-1/2 tablespoons. Easy to add later if you want more heat. Survived it, and nice otherwise, will make again. Used Bob’s Red Mill red lentils and they seemed to cook faster than the times in the recipe.


Great recipe. Don’t skim on the sweet potatoes!! They add a lot to the recipe.

Stephan Roth

1 Tsp salt instead of 2. Use 1 Tbsp sweet curry instead of curry paste.


Add potatoes after about 10 mins of cooking lentils so they don’t get too soft.

Debbie Jeske

This was incredibly tasty. Made with Rancho Gordo red lentils, I followed the recipe as written except for the coconut flakes at the end. Seriously delicious!


very good- halved the recipe and made ~ 5 servings. not very spicy


Excellent as is & even better with the garnish from Samin's butternut squash and green curry soup (also for the NYT), which is "a spin on miang kham, a snack in Thailand and Laos full of peanuts, coconut and chiles":


Delicious! I made it according to the recipe, with a serrano chile. I used Maesri red curry paste, which I get from a Korean grocer nearby, and I was sweating. I'll personally try 2 Tbsp. of red curry paste next time. And there will be a next time.

Gerry Stafford

Being Irish I have no background in sweet potatoes and had never cooked with them before. I was delighted with both the sweet potatoes as an ingredient and the recipe as a whole. Followed the recipe for the most parrt. I upped the garlic from 3 cloves, which is nothing IMO, to a head. I had a can of coconut cream handy so used it. It was delicious and will become a mainstay.

h harker

This recipe is great. I agree with roasting the sweet potatoes before. My only comment is that you need something else to eat with this meal. It’s a single flavor and gets boring fast. So serve with naan and a cold side salad or veggie to make it more interesting, and ditch the coconut on top, the texture doesn’t work well with it.

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Red Curry Lentils With Sweet Potatoes and Spinach Recipe (2024)
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