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The Galaxy of Starfield is vast and boasts over one thousand planets and moons. During your adventures, you'll be able to pilot your ship and travel between solar systems to both new and unfamiliar planets and moons.

When you take your ship into orbit, you will be able to pull up your Starmap to see nearby planets, and the entire solar system you are currently in, and can also zoom out to view the galaxy map where other systems are highlighted. Your ship's grav drive capabilities will dictate just how far across the galaxy you can travel in a single jump, while your fuel tanks measure how many systems you can travel across before needing to stop and replenish your He3 tanks (which is automatic). The more you upgrade your ship, the farther you'll be able to travel, and the more systems you can visit.


All solar systems are comprised of a series of planets orbiting a sun, and each planet can potentially have one or several moons that can also hold alien life and resources. By default, many planets are named after the system they are in: For example, the Porrima System is comprised of Porima I, Porima II, Pormia III, and so on. Any name with a letter attached refers one of the moons of that particular planet: For example, Porrima I-C would be the third moon of the first planet in the Porrima System.

However, certain important planets are named differently than the system, such as our own Sol System, which is comprised of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and the rest.

List of Solar Systems and Planets

The Galaxy Starmap above depicts all known locations in the Settled Systems, using the Alpha Centauri System as a starting point for jumping to all other systems (though other routes are available depending on where you travel from.

See our Interactive Map of the Settled Systems and Each Planet Here

Below you will find a list in progress of all known systems, planets, and moons found in Starfield's Galaxy Starmap, in order of its associated difficulty range. The list includes known cities, settlements, and unique locations (some of which may be hidden until a relevant quest is started).

List of Solar Systems
System NamePlanets (Moons)Base Difficulty LevelCities / Settlements / Unique Locations
Alpha Centauri System4 (8)1New Atlantis
The Eye
Gagarin LandingReclaimed Outpost
Starstation RE-939
Sol System9 (21)1Cydonia
New Homestead
Nova Galactic Staryard
Nova Galactic Research Station
UC Vigilance
Mars Mech Factory
Deimos Staryard
Cheyenne System9 (27)1Akila City
Triden Luxury Lines Staryard
Wagoner Farm
Narion System7 (8)1Argos Extractors Mining Outpost
Kreet Research Lab
1-Of-A-Kind Salvage
The Clinic
Stroud-Eklund Staryard
Maheo System7 (9)1-
Barnard's Star System11-
Volii System6 (5)5Neon
Autonomous Staryard
Wolf System2 (1)5The Den
Valo System5 (6)5Hopetown
Deserted Trade Authority Starstation
Sirius System3 (3)5-
Toliman System2 (3)5Forward Base 441
Procyon B System15-
Luyten's Star System15-
Tau Ceti System9 (9)10Tau Gourmet Production Center
Lopez's Farm
The Pup System110-
Procyon A System6 (9)10Temple Eta
Bessel System3 (2)10Chunks To Go
The Sonder
Piazzi System7 (14)10-
Van Maanen's Star System110-
Kapteyn's Star System210-
Olympus System6 (7)10The Almagest
Aranae System5 (6)15-
Altair System5 (8)15Research Outpost U3-09
Sakharov System1 (1)15Eklund Excavation Site CL25
Andromas System6 (5)15Safe House Gamma
Sagan System115-
Arcturus System3 (1)15-
Muphrid System8 (21)15Starstation UCN-48
Kryx System1 (6)20The Key
The Lock
Carinae System5 (9)20CM Station RC-1
Eta Cassiopeia System4 (5)20Sarah's Crash Site
Dauntless Crew's Crash Site
Bradbury System5 (4)20-
McClure System3 (4)20-
Guniibuu System7 (20)20-
Indum System5 (10)20Pilgrim's Rest
Eridani System9 (14)20-
Oborum Prime System4 (6)20-
Ursae Minoris System3 (3)20-
Beta Andraste System1 (4)20-
Vega System2 (8)25Ecliptic Satellite
Lunara System8 (17)25-
Delta Pavonis System7 (12)25-
Oborum Proxima System125-
Groombridge System8 (18)25-
Kumasi System9 (19)25-
Porrima System6 (15)30Parasido
Red Mile
Lantana System9 (12)30-
Alpha Andraste System6 (1)30-
Copernicus System8 (7)30-
Copernicus Minor System1 (2)30-
Denebola System3 (5)30-
Ursa Majoris3 (3)30-
Nemeria System7 (12)35-
Jaffa System8 (12)35Vulture's Roost
Bolivar System135-
Rivera System5 (6)35-
Alpha Tirna System10 (21)35-
Beta Tirna System135-
Shoza System9 (11)35-
Al-Battani System8 (12)35-
Ixyll System9 (17)40The Eleos Retreat
Nikola System10 (9)40-
Rasalhague System4 (3)40-
Nirvana System4 (3)40-
Moloch System7 (7)40-
Khayyam System6 (12)40-
Freya System9 (8)40Nishina Research Station
Hyla System8 (14)40Meteorite Testing Site
Ancient Ruins
Beta Ternion System3 (2)40Reliant Medical Organics Lab
Alpha Marae System5 (7)45-
Beta Marae System6 (15)45Neuradyne Botany Laboratory
Tidacha System1 (3)45-
Heinlein System7 (16)45Distress Call - Lucky Lu
Linnaeus System7 (5)45-
Bara System7 (10)45-
Rutherford System6 (15)45-
Ophion System1 (1)45-
Delta Vulpes System7 (8)50-
Gamma Vulpes System4 (9)50-
Xi Ophiuchi System9 (14)50-
Zeta Ophiuchi System6 (13)50-
Alchiba System10 (18)50-
Zosma System5 (8)50-
Bannoc System4 (3)50-
Bannoc Secondus System150-
Leviathan System7 (3)55-
Heisenberg System10 (9)55-
Nirah System5 (2)55Ka'Zaal Sulfur Mine
Serpentis System6 (9)55-
Feynman System9 (14)55-
Newton System6 (6)55-
Bel System7 (11)55-
Syrma System7 (11)55Vlad's Villa
Decaran System9 (7)60-
Sparta System8 (13)60-
Alpha Ternion System9 (8)60-
Maal System10 (13)60-
Focault System8 (21)60-
Kang System8 (12)60-
Zelanzny System8 (10)60-
Schrodinger System8 (14)65The Colander
Proxima Ternion System4 (4)65-
Enlil System7 (8)65-
Rana System9 (15)65-
Charybdis System9 (10)65Crucible
Leonis System9 (8)65-
Celebrai System4 (3)70-
Bardeen System7 (13)70-
Strix System6 (9)70-
Pyraas System8 (13)70-
Verne System7 (10)70-
Marduk System9 (9)70-
Algorab System3 (5)70-
Masada System9 (8)75Ecliptic Base / Buried Temple
Fermi System10 (19)75-
Bohr System8 (7)75-
Archimedes System6 (6)75-
Hawking System6 (5)75-
Hyugens System8 (12)75-
Katydid System3 (2)75-

Sol System

The Sol System is our home planetary system, and the most recognizable one, featuring planets such as Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn, and others. All of its planets (and associated moons) are uniquely named, and Mars is home to the major settlement of Cydonia City, which is controlled by the United Colonies.

Planet NameAssociated Moons


Alpha Centauri System

The Alpha Centauri System is one of the major planetary systems in Starfield, as it is the home to the biggest explorable human settlement of New Atlantis City on Jemison, and is the headquarters for both Constellation, and the Vanguard of the United Colonies. Like the Sol System, it's planets are uniquely named, and boasts a large collection of moons.

Planet NameAssociated Moons
Planet 1Moon 1-AMoon 1-B
JemisonJemison Moon-A
OlivasChawlaMoon 4-BMoon 4-C
Moon 4-DMoon 4-E

Cheyenne System

The Cheyenne System is a major planetary system in Starfield, as it is the main headquarters of the Freestar Rangers who lead the Freestar Collective on the major settlement of Akila City.

Planet NameAssociated Moons
Al-Battani 5TBA

Volii System

The Volii System is a major planetary system in Starfield, as it is the home of the Rujin Industries, which makes their headquarters in the settlement of Neon on Volii Alpha.

Planet NameAssociated Moons
Volii AlphaVolii 1-A
Volii 2N/A
Volii 3Volii 3-A
Volii 4Volii 4-AVolii 4-B
Volii 5Volii 5-A
Volii 6N/A

Porrima System

The Porrima System is a major planetary system in Starfield, due it being the home of the mysterious Red Mile on Porrima 3. Unlike most other major systems, it's planets are not uniquely named.

Planet NameAssociated Moons
Porrima 1Porrima 1-APorrima 1-B
Porrima 2Porrima 2-APorrima 2-BPorrima 2-C
Porrima 3Porrima 3-APorrima 3-B
Porrima 4Porrima 4-APorrima 4-BPorrima 4-C
Porrima 4-D
Porrima 5Porrima 5-APorrima 5-BPorrima 5-C
Porrima 6Porrima 6-A


Aranae System

Planet NameAssociated Moons
Aranae 1TBA
Aranae 2Aranae 2-AAranae 2-B
Aranae 3TBA
Aranae 4Aranae 4-AArnae 4-BAranae 4-C
Aranae 4-D
Aranae 5TBA

Kryx System

The Kryx System is home to the Crimson Raiders main fleet, but it not centered around a specific planet.

Nirah System

Planet NameAssociated Moons

Procyon System

Planet NameAssociated Moons
Procyon 1TBA
Procyon 2TBA
Procyon 3TBA

Arcturus System

Planet NameAssociated Moons
Arcturus 1TBA
Arcturus 2TBA
Arcturus 3TBA

Narion System

Planet NameAssociated Moons
Nairon 2Vectera
Nairon 3Nairon 3-ANairon 3-B
MagrethMagreth A
Nairon 5Nairon 5-ANairon 5-B
Nairon 6Nairon 6-ANairon 6-B
Nairon 7TBA


Tau Ceti System

Planet NameAssociated Moons
Tau Ceti 1TBA
Tau Ceti 2TBA
Tau Ceti 3TBA
Tau Ceti 4TBA
Tau Ceti 5TBA
Tau Ceti 6TBA
Tau Ceti 7TBA
Tau Ceti 8Tau Ceti 8-ATau Ceti 8-B

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